Have you heard about the 100 Mile Diet?

So I’d like to make this a space for people to talk about what vegetables and fruits are in season, and to ask for and receive tips on how to cook them, or prepare them to get the most enjoyment out of your fresh and local veggies. We could make this into a 100 Mile Diet (<- check out that website, people!) recipe repository for the Ottawa area. I’ll post harvest list each week of what’s in the bins, and then focus on a vegetable or two every weekend. You can chime in with a recipe or a request for a recipe or suggestion.

There’s nothing up in the garden yet, with the cool wet weather we’ve got on the way for the weekend putting a damper on garden fever for now, but I know peas will be one of our first harvests along with beans. Anybody have any favourite recipes for cooking sweet peas? I know I tend to just eat them raw, crunchy and juicy shells and all! Does anyone plan to preserve some of their peas? Let me know if anyone’s interested in a step-by-step guide to freezing your own peas and I’ll post a quick how-to for you.

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