So much to tell you!

We’ve been busy little bees around here lately. Our first batch of chicks are about a week and a half old now, and starting to get adult feathers on their wings even though they’ve still got downy yellow baby fuzz on the rest of their bodies. I saw a couple stretching their wings out yesterday for the first time, so they’re well on their way to growing up enough to go outside on pasture in a couple of weeks. Till then, they’re cozy and happy in their nice dry brooder boxes.

We’ve found a donkey to guard the sheep – his name is Banjo and he’s a five year old gelding who’s been with sheep before so it sounds like he’s going to be a perfect fit for Our Farm. We’re going to pick him up next weekend, so he’ll have a couple of weeks to settle in before the sheep and lambs arrive and he’ll have to go to work.

There’s now some bees boarding with us as well. They’re not ours, but the three hives being kept here by our new friend the beekeeper are going to be an incredible help for us with pollinating the veggies in the garden! We’re really happy to be able to host bees on Our Farm, as we feel that they’re such an important part of the ecosystem and of course they’re under so much threat from colony collapse disorder. The beekeeper was very happy to find a place he could be sure there was no pesticide or herbicide spraying going on, because so much scientific evidence is building up that spraying an extremely common class of chemicals called neonicotinoids is a major contributing factor to colony collapse disorder.

Of course, we need to have veggies flowering in the garden for the bees to pollinate. :) We’ve been busy planting beans and spinach and swiss chard and carrots and potatoes to accompany the kale and beets and peas that were already planted. Lettuce and mesclun mix are going in today, too since their beds are already prepped it’ll just be a matter of hoeing a row, dropping the seed in & covering it up. Onions will be transplanted in one night this week. Next weekend it’ll be more potatoes, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash and cucumbers, along with more beets and lettuces and spinach and carrots and beans (thank goodness it will be a long weekend!). I’ve been having a lot of fun using my new Dragon flame weeder. I can’t even tell you how satisfying it is to destroy dandelions with this monster!

Last, but certainly not least – especially in terms of size! – we got the cover on the greenhouse yesterday with a lot of help from some of the most incredible people. In no particular order, my mom and dad, Aunt Jane and Uncle Jacques, Aunt Teresa and Gilles, my brother and his friend Darren, my cousins Tim and Amy, and our Awesome Neighbour Henry. Thank you so much to everyone who helped, we couldn’t have done it without all of you! Today, Mat and I are going to work on finishing one end wall along with the roll-up sides. Gotta go get at ‘er.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Have a lovely day. :)

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