‘Growing CSA’ in 2014 with Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms

Wow, so much to tell you! Planning for the 2014 season is well under way and the contract page is updated (if you can’t wait, just click HERE).

‘Growing CSA’ in 2014 with Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms

It’s the nature of farms to grow, and in the process of growing things are changed and improved. This year, in the interest of expanding the number of customers who are able to participate in the vegetable CSA, we’re cultivating a growing partnership between Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms. To maximize the growing potential of these two local farms we will be working together to serve you delicious, tasty and healthy non-certified organic veggies.

In addition to doubling our farming power, we’re also looking to better serve you in terms of pick-up or drop-off availabilities for your veggie bins. We’re adding a mid-week CSA share this year, and we’ll be accepting more members in an effort to have this be our first year without a waiting list.

We’ll bring you more information on other products available from Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms in a follow-up newsletter, but for now we’re currently pouring over seed catalogues to update our selections for this coming growing season, and we have our eyes on a few new additions to our repertoire. Who’s a fan of the sweet potato? Oh yes. There will be sweet potatoes, and so much more! We will be updating the Veggie Selections page shortly with all sorts of fun, new vegetables and of course many returning favourites.

Take a look at the ‘Growing CSA’ 2014 Our Farm CSA & Kinburn Farms contract …

‘Growing CSA’ 2014 Our Farm CSA & Kinburn Farms contract

… and decide on your share size before the end of February. Believe it or not, we’ll be seeding by then!

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