Name-That-Donkey contest time!

We’ve had quite the evening here at Our Farm. Banjo the donkey went to a new home where he’ll be happy hanging out with horses and not have to put up with sheep, and while we’re happy that he’ll be where he belongs we were still sad to see him go.

But there’s great news! We took a quick drive down the road to pick up our new donkey. He’s been living with sheep and goats, and he seems to be settling in with our sheep pretty well so far.

There’s just one problem, folks. Our new donkey doesn’t have a name. Can you help us with this?

We’ll take name suggestions here in the comments and on our Facebook page at and then we’ll pick our top three choices and let you decide!

Our new donkey is a five year old full male jack, and he’s what would be considered a large miniature donkey. It got dark out pretty quickly, so I’ll take some pictures tomorrow morning and you’ll be able to see if your favourite name “fits” the little guy.

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