Donkey pictures

It’s starting to get dark awfully quickly these days when the sun goes down, so we didn’t get any pictures of our new family member last night. This morning was another story, though!





So he’s basically a smaller version of Banjo with a bit more *ahem* equipment. And a green halter instead of a purple one.

We’ve had lots of great suggestions for his name so far, and nominations will remain open for another 24 hours. After that, we’ll pick our top three choices from the suggestions and let you vote. Remember, anyone can suggest a name and vote on the top three options – you don’t have to be a CSA member or a previous customer.

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  • Stacey & Eden says:

    I think in memory of being on a farm without a name in the past, his name should be “you”, since he probably heard “hey you!” most of his life LOLOL

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