It’s been way too long!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I posted a update here, but time flies when you’re keeping busy! We’ve been prepping out in the garden, applying compost to garden beds, laying out drip irrigation tape and working on Spring weeds in preparation for planting, working on the greenhouse (just about ready for putting the cover on it, keep your fingers crossed for warm & wind-less weather next weekend please!), and getting ready for the arrival of our first batch of chicks this coming Wednesday.

Since we’re only a little over a month away from first harvest, I’ll be getting in touch soon to let those of you with small shares if you’ll be in Week A (starting June 2nd) or Week B (starting June 9th).

Funny weather this year, eh? Last year, we had so much rain that we couldn’t get into the garden on time to plant and had our first harvest delayed by two weeks – it put such a dent in our plans that we worked our butts off to get this greenhouse so we wouldn’t have that worry this year. And of course now I’m practically doing a rain dance to get some moisture to fall from the sky. We had a nice good stretch of rain and snow last week, which helped things a bit… but we could still use a few more days here and there to keep the garden moving along. It may be chilly today, but I’m going to transplant out the kale and onions and beets, and seed the spinach and swiss chard. Peas are up finally, after we got that rain! It won’t be long now…


Your busy, happy farmer. :)

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