April Fool’s weather?

Hi there!

So, um, I went out to the garden early this morning to get the peas planted into the four beds I prepared for them yesterday. I started early hoping to beat the rain that was forecast, and I figured if the thermometer said it was 3 degrees I’d be okay, right? Wrong! It started to snow, of all things! Mother Nature’s definitely playing tricks on us.

Oh well, moisture is moisture. I planted the peas anyway and then put up my little platic arches and stretched row cover over them. Peas are very cold hardy and the row cover will act as a miniature greenhouse to keep any frost off the seedlings once they germinate. We’ve still got a week or two to think about building their trellis, and we’ll be going with a sturdier metal trellis design this year.

In other veggie news, last week I potted up the kale from its tiny cells in one tray to bigger pots so the roots will have space to grow before it goes out in the garden – one tray of kale became four trays in the course of about two hours. It’s finicky, painstaking work. Then I started more trays of onions, spinach and swiss chard, along with tomatoes and peppers. This weekend I potted up one tray from the first planting of onions, but I’m running out of trays so I’ll have to run into town to get more before I can start more brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and beets. We’re running out of room on the seedling rack shelves, so I’ll be glad next weekend to get the kale transplanted out to the garden. I’ll have to pot up the first plantings of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower soon, and that’s going to take up tons of space on the shelves!

We ordered lumber and sheet metal for sheep pasture shelters this week – turns out you need building permits for those, too. Plus I’m trying to get quotes for electrical and plumbing for the barn, and trying to get a hold of someone certified by the province to do a “nutrient management plan” (yes, that actually does mean a “poop plan” for the manure) before the city will sign off on a building permit for the barn. I swear, if it wasn’t for the gardening, lately this would feel more like office work than farming. But planting is so much fun, it makes up for all the paperwork. Planting’s almost as much fun as harvesting and eating!

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