Starting off 2012

Long time no talk, everyone! We were very busy at the end of 2011 working on our new greenhouse, and almost got it ready to go in time for the freeze-up. Sadly, things got too cold for us to put the cover on (who knew plastic could shrink that much if the temperature is lower than 15 degrees celcius?!), so we’ll be finishing that up as early in the spring as we can.

In the meantime, we’ve been doing the usual winter farm chores (paperwork and taxes!), and ordering seeds to grow all your yummy and wonderful veggies for the year. A word of advice for everyone: don’t look at seed catalogues when you’re hungry! I’m sure I ordered way too much (who says 25 kinds of tomatoes is too much?!), but we’ll have lots of space for it once we move the hot-season vegetables into our new enormous greenhouse. And I’m not exagerating when I say it’s enormous – at almost 2200 square feet, this thing is as big as our house! The only thing left to order is our seed potatoes from Homestead Organics, and that brings me to a surprise for you all. In addition to red, white and gold potatoes, this year we’re going to add blue potatoes! They have all the beneficial phytochemicals that make blueberries a superfood, and think of how incredible they’ll look on the plates at your dinner table. What a way to start a food conversation!

We’ve already started seed for the garden, if you can believe it. This past Sunday we got 11 trays going with leeks, red, white and yellow onions, spinach, kale and parsley. I just went to take a peek, and about a third of the kale has already sprouted!

I’ll admit, I had been hoping the leeks would sprout first, if only so that last line could be a rhyme. Oh well, kale’s just as tasty!

We’ve got quite a packed seed-starting schedule this spring, and with the addition of the greenhouse we’ll have lots of tasty veggies ready to move out to the greenhouse as soon as it’s ready, and then out to the garden as soon as the weather warms up.

I have to confess, I love the irony in posting about starting green, growing vegetables and warmer weather when they’re forecasting a snowstorm with lots of blowing snow to bring March in like a lion!

The 2012 CSA contract is posted and there are just a couple of spots left. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Hope you’re looking forward to this year’s growing season as much as we are!

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