We got Salatined!

Over the last few weekends, I have built a new model of mobile chicken coop that was designed to be wife-friendly.  The previous model that I’ve built from last year was too heavy for Katie to move around, offered poor windbreak, and was offering poor protection from aerial strikes from hawks, eagles and owls.  The new model is based on Joel Salatin’s design from his book “Pastured Poultry Profit” (1996), but smaller (6’x8′ instead of 8’x10′).  Instead of leaving the chicks outside of the mobile coop, they stay sheltered with constant access to sunlight, shade, windbreak, protection from aerial strikes and most importantly: fresh air.  Unfortunately for us, it means that we will have to move all of the mobile coops on a daily basis, maybe twice a day once they’re reaching their adulthood.  So far, our chicks are very happy with their new home.  We currently have two operational coops, but I still need to build two more because my goal was to have 25 chickens per mini-salatin mobile coop.  Right now, it’s fine because the chicks are still small, but I really have to hurry because they grow really fast thanks to a high quality organic nutrition within an healthy environment :  In the end, we’re still getting the tastiest chicken in the world! 😉

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