We’ve got garlic sprouts!!!

*Insert happy dance here*

Ahem. That’s all. Carry on.


Garlic Sprouts

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  • Elsbeth says:

    NICE! Love garlic sprouts! Are you going to be ‘growing’ (pun intended) your business to have delivery for us city folk? I can grow certain things in the summer but am at a loss for a lot of other fine vegetables. Let me know. Btw, fantastic…I love it here. I feel safe and warm here…thanks, Katie…thanks, Mat.

  • Katie says:

    Well, we do deliver as far into town as where you guys live. The only problem is that we’re all sold out for this year already. We’ve got a wait list started for 2012 if you’re interested.

    What are the vegetables you’re having issues with? Maybe I can give you some tips or point you in the direction of someone who could supply you with seedlings for some things?

    Glad you like the website! Thanks for the positive comments!

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