A quick update…

… to tell you there are lots of updates!

I’m typing this while I grab a quick bite to eat before running out to feed the chicks for the night (they’re all doing fine, which is lovely!) and then running out to give a talk to the March Rural Community Association … which means it’s going to be Mat’s turn to water the seedlings tonight.

So a busy night, but I wanted to pop in to tell you that there’s lots of posts coming to keep you in the loop about how we got ready for the chicks, the garden work we’ve been doing, and all the many seedlings we have on the go. We’ll be putting some of those seedlings outside soon for a few hours at a time to start getting them ready for their permanent move to the great outdoors.

For anyone just checking in, the post with details on applying for our summer student position can be found here.

All the signs of Spring we keep seeing these days are getting me very excited for garden season!

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