We’ve got garlic sprouts!!!

*Insert happy dance here*

Ahem. That’s all. Carry on.


Garlic Sprouts

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Have you heard about the 100 Mile Diet?

So I’d like to make this a space for people to talk about what vegetables and fruits are in season, and to ask for and receive tips on how to cook them, or prepare them to get the most enjoyment out of your fresh and local veggies. We could make this into a 100 Mile Diet (<- check out that website, people!) recipe repository for the Ottawa area. I’ll post harvest list each week of what’s in the bins, and then focus on a vegetable or two every weekend. You can chime in with a recipe or a request for a recipe or suggestion.

There’s nothing up in the garden yet, with the cool wet weather we’ve got on the way for the weekend putting a damper on garden fever for now, but I know peas will be one of our first harvests along with beans. Anybody have any favourite recipes for cooking sweet peas? I know I tend to just eat them raw, crunchy and juicy shells and all! Does anyone plan to preserve some of their peas? Let me know if anyone’s interested in a step-by-step guide to freezing your own peas and I’ll post a quick how-to for you.

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A quick update…

… to tell you there are lots of updates!

I’m typing this while I grab a quick bite to eat before running out to feed the chicks for the night (they’re all doing fine, which is lovely!) and then running out to give a talk to the March Rural Community Association … which means it’s going to be Mat’s turn to water the seedlings tonight.

So a busy night, but I wanted to pop in to tell you that there’s lots of posts coming to keep you in the loop about how we got ready for the chicks, the garden work we’ve been doing, and all the many seedlings we have on the go. We’ll be putting some of those seedlings outside soon for a few hours at a time to start getting them ready for their permanent move to the great outdoors.

For anyone just checking in, the post with details on applying for our summer student position can be found here.

All the signs of Spring we keep seeing these days are getting me very excited for garden season!

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It’s chick arrival day!

It’s going to be a busy day around Our Farm. The chicks will arrive at the Kinburn Farm Supply very shortly, and I’ll get a call to go pick them up, along with their feed and plenty of wood shavings to keep them cozy and dry in their brooder boxes. We got their boxes all set up last night, so everything’s ready to install them in – as my friend Jill says – Cluckingham Palace!

Just a quick note, 75 of these beauties are already spoken for, so if you haven’t gotten in touch with us about getting your name on the list yet please do so quickly while there’s still some available. Otherwise, we can put you on the list for the second batch that will be ready in July.

This afternoon, I’m heading into town to give a talk to some Grade 12 students who are taking a food and nutrition class on “Where does my food come from?” I’ll tell them all about why we decided to start farming, what Community Supported Agriculture is all about, and give them some ideas on how to get started if they’re interested in agriculture as a career.

This is a lot of work, but there’s so much fun and excitement in farming, too. I planted a whole bunch more flats of seeds over the weekend (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, leeks, onions, and more broccoli and cabbage) and as of last night there’s already broccoli, tomato and tomatillo sprouts up! Some day, if you’re all very unlucky, Mat will take a video of me doing my happy dance over the seedlings and post it on the blog! 😉

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We’re hiring!

Are you, or do you know, a high school student who is looking for summer employment? Who wants to stay in shape and enjoy the great outdoors while earning a decent salary?

Then click here to download our Summer Employment Application Form, and send it to us along with your resumé!

We are looking for an energetic high school student who is looking for work 30 hours per week from the beginning of July to the end of August, to help with food production and our pastured poultry operation while learning about sustainable agroecology and small business marketing. Must be available evenings and Saturdays.

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