I should know by now

For the last week and a half I’ve been happily telling everyone I see that there’s an amazing little forest of green in the basement at Our Farm, where broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower have been up and at ’em for a week. And all the while I’ve been telling myself that the red cabbage will come up.

Just give it time, plants want to grow. How many times last summer did I find wonderful surprises in the garden beds after I’d given up all hope because things were taking too long to come up? Even so, I’ve been steeling myself to finally admit that red cabbage seeds which had all the help of Mat’s wonderful seedling racks and a toasty warm heating mat just weren’t going to do it this time. I hate giving in, so I was very disappointed but still telling myself that I’ve got lots of seeds and could start another flat this weekend to give it another shot. I came home from work today and added water to the tray under the flat hurriedly while I was in a hurry to get dinner and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary during my quick glance. So that was it for attempt # 1 of 2011 of red cabbage.

Then, about an hour ago I finally got up to turn on the lights and decided to go down and check on my little green darlings. And I found a little not-so-green darling!

At last!

I’d recommend clicking on the photo to zoom in, at this stage.

So for anyone who’s following along, the Calabrese broccoli started coming up in two days and by day five was all above ground. The de Cicco broccoli started coming up on the third day after planting and was all up by the sixth day. The Flat Dutch and Danish Ballhead cabbages were slowly starting on the fourth or fifth day, and the Flat Dutch is still straggling up here and there. The Early Snowball cauliflower broke ground on the fourth day and was all up by the seventh day after seeding. Red Express Cabbage? Seedling number 1 emerged on the 10th day after seeding.

Next time I’ll have a little more faith, when seeds are only overdue by three days. But it’s a little like being a kid and being told you have to wait an hour after eating before you can go for a swim on a sweltering summer afternoon – that hour feels like days. Waiting seems to take forever when you’re that eager for something.

Let's see what kind of schedule the rest of them keep!

Some things are just worth waiting for.

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