Getting ready for the chickens – Part 1

This weekend was a mix of the business of farming, and the practical side of farming … but in the end, it was all about the chickens. First, I got a call from the local Farm Supply with the price of our feed for this year and had to figure out how much we need to order. The next step, now that we know how much our feed cost will be, was to figure out the price we’ll be charging this year. We knew it would be going up because the price of feed was going up, but also because we seriously underestimated our costs last year. Turns out, this year’s price is going to be $4.97 per pound. A significant jump, I know, but prices are going up everywhere on all types of food and it is still significantly less expensive than certified organic chicken even though we are raising them using only organic practices.

The practical part of the weekend, well, it involved shoveling a lot of what the chickens leave behind. Since there’s only two weekends left to work on getting their house all ship-shape, we can’t put off cleaning out the brooder house anymore and got about half of the house shoveled out this weekend with the rest to be finished by the end of this week. Then we can sanitize it, make any necessary repairs, and freshen up the inside with a nice coat of whitewash (agricultural lime and water mixed together is like a coat of white paint but completely non-toxic). We had to quit early for the day because we’re off to dinner at a friend’s place. Need time to shower off the “barn” smell before we go out in public!

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