Seedling racks – Part 1

Hi readers and eaters.  This is my very first post on the Our Farm blog!  So far, Katie has taken care of writing the blog posts, but this time I’d like to be the one sharing the news about Our Farm.

First, we’d like to extend our best wishes for 2011 to everyone.  May the year 2011 bring all of you success, peace and especially good health.  A good way to stay healthy is to stay away from processed food as much as possible and eat more vegetables.  Do not neglect the food that you put in your mouth.  It is one of the most important investment that you can make to stay healthy.

Winter has provided quite a nice rest from hard physical labor at Our Farm, but a lot of work is waiting ahead of us, and we have to get our crops going very soon. Today, I would like to share with you my plans and progress in building our seedling racks that will allow us to start planting our sustainable, organically-grown crops in advance of the 2011 season.

My plan for this week is to build seedling racks similar to the ones at Tiny Farm Blog.  The main reason that made this model of seedling racks very attractive to us was the efficient and inexpensive adjustable lamp height.  At first, we will have the lamps as low as possible.  As the plants grow, we can raise the lamp fixtures.  By the time the plants are going to be too big for the seedling racks, they will be ready for transplanting to our vegetable garden. For the size of our garden, we figured out that we will need a minimum of 12 shelves meaning four racks total.

Lumber purchase for the framing of the seedling racks

Lumber purchase for the framing of the seedling racks

Fortunately for us, the 2×4 and 2×3 lumber was on sale at Home Depot this week.  Katie and I quickly grabbed the van, purchased and brought back the necessary lumber yesterday.

I just came back from at trip to Deka to get the rest of the necessary building components:  sheets of ply wood, wood screws, chains, casters, dowels, etc.  We are still missing a few casters and dowels, but I got a call this evening that the missing components will be ready for pickup tomorrow.  I have enough to completely finish at least two seedling rack units right now, but they’ll all be done by the end of the week.

Ready to start

Ready to start

The store manager seemed very intrigued and asked me what I was trying to build.  Not even thinking, I explained to him that I was planning to build seedling racks, with the adjustable lamp fixtures…  You should have seen the look on his face!  It was hilarious!  Realizing that he got the wrong idea, I had to explain that my wife and I were operating a legitimate, and perfectly legal small organic market garden farm.  We really should get business cards with our blog web site on it to prevent embarrassing moments like this.  :-)

Now I need to get started.  Will take a few more pictures to show you the progress.

See you soon!

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