From beans to turnips, and everything in between

So we’ve placed our seed order and put up a list on the Vegetable Selection page. I’ve got to share, since it’s not fair if I’m the only one drooling over the yummy visions of fresh summer produce that are dancing in my head!

We picked up more seed-starting trays at Home Hardware yesterday, and Mat will be going to the TSC store in Arnprior this afternoon to get the last of the shop light fixtures and fluorescent tubes for the seedling racks. Next on the to-do list is ordering kilos and kilos of organic potting soil from the Kinburn Farm Supply, and we’ll be all set!

Have I ever mentioned that I have dreams of a lovely big greenhouse? Because I do!

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  • Katie says:

    I should mention that potatoes aren’t included on that list because we have to order them separately … and we’re waiting to see how many seed potatoes we have left over from last year before we place that order. Don’t worry, we won’t be leaving out the potatoes!!!

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