Can’t wait to get dirt under my fingernails!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it described better:

The farmer is relieved of the burden of marketing produce at just the time when the energy needed to grow the crops is greatest. CSA farmers concentrate on farming, on what they do best.

Members of the farm receive both concrete and subtle benefits. While spending hundreds of dollars in advance for vegetables which are not even planted yet is difficult for some (both financially and emotionally), membership is generally a bargain in the long run. Each week during the harvest season members receive an interesting variety of the freshest possible produce. Almost all CSA farms are using organic farming techniques, so concerns over toxic residues on the food are alleviated. Membership in a community farm provides a link to the production of food impossible for the supermarket or even the farm stand shopper to achieve. Members see their veggies growing, watch them form and ripen, fret over difficult weather, even get dirt under their fingernails.

I really want Our Farm to be a link between the community and the food supply.

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