Wow, what a year!

[This post is back-dated from early September, 2010.]

From the day we moved in June 1st, we’ve been off and running!

With a ton of help from family…

Kelly helps when the chicks arrive

Kelly helps when the chicks arrive

Our first year of operation has been a wonderful success. We started seeding and transplanting seedlings on June 6th, and harvested our first vegetables for customers on July 31st. We’ve had 6 weeks of harvests so far, and we’re on track to keep going to the beginning of October if Mother Nature will let us. So far, Mother Nature’s been incredibly helpful to us so far this year, too – except for the small matter of the flooded basement.

Customers have been raving about the wonderful taste of our vegetables, too!

This is chickens gone wild week on Our Farm. Batch # 1 goes to the processing plant this Thursday, and a few days after that Batch # 2 will go out on pasture (as soon as we have a couple of rain-free days!).

Day old chicks from Batch # 1 - they're much bigger now!

Day old chicks from Batch # 1 - they're much bigger now!

Garden-wise, we had our first harvest of jalapeno peppers this week, and the sweet peppers are starting to come in too, so it looks like our only total failures were green onions. Still not  entirely sure why. The six cauliflower plants are still coming along. Definitely transplanting them next year, along with broccoli and cabbages! Live and learn.

Sautéed some salami and onions and chili pepper flakes last night with some blanched green beans, swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes, basil and parsley, and had it over white and whole-wheat spaghetti and dusted the whole thing with parmigiana reggiano cheese. Wow!

Next time I won’t forget to include some zucchini!

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