TED Talks about the future of sustainable food

If anyone is unfamiliar with the concept of TED talks, this is an independent organization that hosts speakers to give their thoughts on “things worth talking about.” A little bird recently sent me a CNN link that includes the video and transcript of a recent TED talk by British chef Arthur Potts Dawson. It’s certainly a thought-provoking speech, and even though it doesn’t apply here quite as much since Canada isn’t nearly as dependent on food imports as the U.K., it does make you think about the future of our food supply and food supply chain.

Basically, if you’re worried about peak oil at all then you are worried about the length of your food supply chain… and cheap supermarket food is dependent on cheap oil for transportation, cheap oil-based pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers, and cheap exploited labour in third-world countries.

I wish we could grow papayas and pineapples in our climate here, but we’ve got the start of a little apple orchard even if it won’t be ready for about five more years … and we’re planning on adding plums and pears to Our Farm’s fruit ration too. It’s one of the laws of nature that fruit trees take about seven years to start producing, so we’ll just wait patiently and patronize existing local businesses for local and in-season fruit in the meantime!

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