Lots of news to start off 2017

Another year has come and gone, and in that year we’ve had a lot of changes here at Our Farm CSA. We hosted a lot of travellers on the farm last year, and it was wonderful to meet friendly people from all over the world and teach them about farming while they had a work experience here in eastern Ontario.

We also stressed our way through one of the worst droughts this area has seen since the 1880’s. While we managed to pull through and successfully produce all the vegetables we promised to our CSA customers, and Our Farm CSA is committed to continuing the vegetable CSA, we will now be doing so in partnership with Kate Garvie of Heart Beet Farms. We’re grateful to Katrina Anderson of Kinburn Farms for her strength, perseverance, and amazing talent at vegetable growing, and for being such a wonderful partner for these last three years! Sadly, though, we have to announce that Katrina has decided to focus on her beef and pork CSA, and garden design workshops from Kinburn Farms, instead of continuing to partner in the veggie business. Luckily, Kate has stepped in to work with us, and we will actually be expanding the veggie CSA this year. Now you can sign up at our online store or the ‘old fashioned way’ by filling out the

2017 CSA Form

and sending it either by mail or email – and we’re extending you a 2.6% discount if you pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer!

We also started attending farmer’s markets this past year – in Constance Bay and Beaverbrook (Kanata North) – for veggie CSA pickups, retail sales of vegetables, and of course for our delicious lamb. As of now, we’re even able to accept credit card payments at the farm stand!

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Welcome Rogers Viewers!

If you’re visiting because you had the pleasure of watching Katrina Anderson from

Kinburn Farms KinburnFarmsLogo

talk about our vegetable CSA partnership on Rogers Television, we’d like to welcome you!

We have lots of space left for new members in this year’s CSA program, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve already started our first trays of seedlings, and we’re getting the greenhouse ready since it will be time to start planting greens out there before you know it!

Have a great week!


At last!

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2016 Updates

Lots of new things happening around the farm this year, and it’s about time we shared some of them with you! Because there’s going to be a new farm stand in Beaverbrook (Kanata) starting this summer, we’re happy to announce that we’re moving our Tuesday CSA drop-off to Beaverbrook instead of Kanata Lakes. We’ll be right on a public transit route, and just as close to the 417 for anyone stopping off for their veggies on the way home to a rural area – it won’t take you any more time to hop off the highway, get your veggies, and then get right back on the highway to head home. Because of the infrastructure at that location, we’ll also be able to have freezers on-site so we can offer you a selection of lamb from Our Farm CSA as well as pork and beef from Kinburn Farms, as well as jars of soup stock from Our Farm CSA.

Another new piece of news is that we’re going to be welcoming farm helpers from all over the world to help us bring you a bigger selection of products at more locations – like the farmer’s markets! – and this will also give us the opportunity to pass along to potential new farmers the knowledge we’ve acquired in six growing seasons. We’re looking forward to introducing our CSA members to the new team as they arrive.

And last but not least, we’ve updated this year’s vegetable selection page (although it’s still a work in progress, since seed catalogues are still arriving in the mail and it’s so hard to choose from all the yummy-sounding varieties of vegetables!) so go check it out!

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Happy New Year 2016!

While it seemed like it took forever for winter weather to get here, when the snow arrived it really arrived! And now that we can’t see any green stuff outside, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for this year’s growing season.

That’s right, I’m talking about the 2016 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares from Growing CSA, a collaboration between Our Farm CSA ourfarm_logo_64x64  and Kinburn Farms   KinburnFarmsLogo   because we really love working together to feed our community! This year’s sign up sheet is now available, at

2016 CSA Contract

Katrina and I are going to be ordering our veggie seeds soon, so if you have something you’d especially like to see in your baskets this year tell us in the comments, or send an email to ourfarmcsa@gmail.com or kinburnfarms@hotmail.ca and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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Growing CSA with Kinburn Farms and Our Farm CSA

Welcome to all our new veggie CSA members – Kinburn Farms and Our Farm CSA are looking forward to providing food for your family’s table this coming year. Please go to http://ourfarmcsa.ca/2015-csa-contract/ or click on the link in the banner at the top left of the page for this year’s sign up sheet!

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2015 Vegetable Selection Updated

Go check out our updated vegetable selection page to see what we have in the works for our 2015 Growing CSA. We’re growing 37 different kinds of veggies this year! Planting will begin soon (as hard as that is to believe when it feels like -30 outside!) and we can’t wait to start getting our hands dirty.

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2015 vegetable CSA shares now available!

Come one, come all!

We’re now taking registrations for this year’s veggie CSA shares, and we’re super excited to get going. Please go to the 2015 CSA Contract page and download this year’s sign-up sheet.

Or, you could just click HERE.

Katrina and I have been working hard on the CSA already, getting our seed orders ready for the year (we love supporting small, local seed growers) and planning out our garden maps. There is so much to share with you, and we’ll have more updates soon.



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‘Growing CSA’ in 2014 with Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms

Wow, so much to tell you! Planning for the 2014 season is well under way and the contract page is updated (if you can’t wait, just click HERE).

‘Growing CSA’ in 2014 with Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms

It’s the nature of farms to grow, and in the process of growing things are changed and improved. This year, in the interest of expanding the number of customers who are able to participate in the vegetable CSA, we’re cultivating a growing partnership between Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms. To maximize the growing potential of these two local farms we will be working together to serve you delicious, tasty and healthy non-certified organic veggies.

In addition to doubling our farming power, we’re also looking to better serve you in terms of pick-up or drop-off availabilities for your veggie bins. We’re adding a mid-week CSA share this year, and we’ll be accepting more members in an effort to have this be our first year without a waiting list.

We’ll bring you more information on other products available from Our Farm CSA and Kinburn Farms in a follow-up newsletter, but for now we’re currently pouring over seed catalogues to update our selections for this coming growing season, and we have our eyes on a few new additions to our repertoire. Who’s a fan of the sweet potato? Oh yes. There will be sweet potatoes, and so much more! We will be updating the Veggie Selections page shortly with all sorts of fun, new vegetables and of course many returning favourites.

Take a look at the ‘Growing CSA’ 2014 Our Farm CSA & Kinburn Farms contract …

‘Growing CSA’ 2014 Our Farm CSA & Kinburn Farms contract

… and decide on your share size before the end of February. Believe it or not, we’ll be seeding by then!

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2013 CSA sign up time!

Hi there everyone!

A chilly, blustery day like this is the perfect time to start dreaming about Spring and warmth and tasty veggies, isn’t it? I’ve just posted this year’s CSA contract and I’m busy ordering seeds so I can start planting at the end of the month in preparation for moving things out to the greenhouse in March and then out into the garden after that. Hard to believe it has to start so early in the year, but it does make getting through the last of the cold weather a little easier.

And speaking of weather, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we have better weather for gardening this year!


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Building pens for the sheep for winter.


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